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Good afternoon, dear friends and guests of the hotel "Business suite"! 

          We are glad to present the burning special offer. This time, the special offer will be interesting to newlyweds and couples who decided to get married. We invite you to spend your wedding night with us. Beautiful and classic interior, quiet atmosphere, breakfast in the room. Here you can sit back and relax after such an exciting event in your life! Hotel "Business Apartment" necessarily gives you a discount or provide free early check-in or late check-out. For married couples, we have prepared special benefits in the day of their anniversary. As it is not uncommon for couples there is an issue of placing relatives who live in other cities and came in Dnepropetrovsk only on their wedding day. We will help you to deal with the hassles! Ee take over placing . All your guests we will provide discount room rates. The only condition for receiving benefits, is the provision of an administrator of the marriage certificate or an extract from the registrar. Hotel "Business Apartment" - spend the holidays with you!